Ductless Heating Solutions In Staten Island

HeatingIf your home isn't suited to duct work or you're looking for a more localized heating solution for your home in Staten Island, then speak with the heating professionals at Scaran Heating about their mini-split ductless heating solutions. We've been providing heating solutions since 1930 and you can read from our happy customers here and learn more about our 100% service-level guarantee here.

The Best Ductless Systems

SaveScaran Heating can show you the best mini-split ductless heating systems that have the latest features such as quieter operation, greater energy efficiency, wireless control and indoor air-quality upgrades. We can help you choose a system that will be ideal for your heating requirements and improve comfort levels for your entire family.

Free Estimates

If you're considering a mini-split ductless heating system and would like to know the costs involved, speak with us about our free estimates on new installations.

Professional Installations

TrustedWith Scaran Heating, you can be sure of a professional installation from our expert technicians who will make sure of a perfect placement and installation that allows your system to operate at peak performance levels.

Heating and Cooling

Scaran Heating's mini-split ductless systems have the advantage of providing both heating and cooling, meaning the system can be switched to provide cooling when the warmer weather arrives, meaning your only need one system for all seasons.

No More Cold Spots

Ductless Heating eliminates cold spots because it can be installed directly into the areas of your home that really need it.

Improved Energy Efficiency

TrustedWith no duct work, you're no longer losing energy through duct leaks, plus the system can be installed exactly where it's needed, so you're only heating the area required - saving you energy and money.

Flexible Financing Options

We help spread the cost of our expert mini-split ductless solutions by offering flexible financing options to approved applicants.

For more information about ductless and spot heating solutions in the Staten Island area, or to schedule a free estimate on a new system, call and speak with the ductless heating experts at Scaran Heating today.

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