Staten Island Heating Oil

ScaranFor the best in heating oil delivery for your home in Staten Island, you can depend on Scaran Heating. From the GUARANTEED prices you can receive through our price cap program, to ensuring a consistent supply with our automatic deliveries to helping you budget your oil usage, Scaran Heating provides all the expert help and support you need. We have been helping Staten Island homes and businesses with their oil supply since 1930.  You can read testimonials to our great service here and learn about our service-level guarantee here.

Our Guaranteed Price Cap Program - You Win Either Way

TrustedWhen it comes to oil, the only thing we know for sure is that it's price is extremely unpredictable. Scaran Heating can help with our price cap program which guarantees you a maximum amount you will pay for your oil, and when the oil prices are lower you still pay less.  It's complete peace of mind of oil availability at the right price.

This helps take some of the worry out of planning a budget and you will actually save money when the actual price goes above the capped-rate. Unlike other companies, Scaran does not “fix” the price so you will still benefit when the price of oil goes down. Our price is guaranteed and we'd be delighted to show you our track-record of saving customers money.

Call us to find out more about the program, enrolment is limited.

Automatic Delivery

ExpertsIf you are concerned about running out of oil when you need it this winter, Scaran Heating can help. We use an automatic delivery system based on the Degree Day System which will take into account the rate at which you use oil and then calculate how quickly you will need re-stocking. This allows us to be proactive and make a delivery when you are nearing the bottom of the barrel and not when you have run out.

Budget Planning

SaveIf you would like the convenience of paying exactly the same amount for oil eleven months of the year then Scaran's budget plan service will be of great benefit to you. We analyze the amount of oil you used over the last year and forecast the next 12 months of oil prices. We divide the amount for the new year by eleven months and the only payment due on the 12th month will be a settlement amount. Scaran provide you with monthly invoices which will show the budgeted and actual use of oil. We review your budget every month to ensure it remains as accurate as possible. Our budget program is free to join and starts every June so you can secure constant oil prices for the year ahead well before winter arrives.

Professional Technicians

One of the keys to Scaran's success over the last 80 years is always hiring the best technicians possible. All of our staff are given stringent background checks and you can be sure they are all clean-cut professionals who will always treat your home or business with respect. They will use shoe covers and works mats whilst performing the work and even clean up when they've finished.

Helpful and Friendly

You'll be well taken care of by Scaran Heating's helpful and friendly team. We understand that oil forecasts and deliveries can be hard to understand so we do our level best to help you make sense of all the calculations and answer any questions about our oil delivery services you may have.

Trusted For 80 Years

Discover our great service for yourself, and why Scaran Heating has been the leading heating oil delivery company in Staten Island for 80 years.

For further information about heating oil delivery for your home in Staten Island, call and speak with the team at Scaran Heating today.

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