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EfficientWith ever increasing energy cost pressures and environmental concerns it makes great sense to ensure our heating systems operate as efficiently as possible. Scaran Heating has over 80 years experience in the heating industry and can undertake an energy-audit of your home or business to highlight the savings that improved energy-efficiency could make. Read what some of our already happy customers say here and the benefits of our 100% service-level guarantee here.

Discover how Scaran Heating can help you start saving today:

Modern Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling Systems

ExpertsWhen people talk about how energy efficient a heating system is, they'll usually use an Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) Rating. You'll be surprised to learn that the heating systems available from just a decade ago had ratings as low as 65%, meaning that 35% of the energy was lost due to inefficiencies and not turned into heat. Modern heating systems have an AFUE rating of up to 96.7%. Switching over to a newer system will save energy and save you money year after year.

Hybrid Heating Savings

Hybrid heating technology is similar to that found in hybrid cars. It offers great efficiency gains as the system automatically responds to temperatures to select the most efficient way of providing heat. During summer it can also use a reverse heat-pump cycle to provide cooling so you can save money and enjoy the efficiency gains and environmental benefit a hybrid system provides throughout the year.

Professional Installations

In order to achieve the operating efficiency stated in manuals you should always ensure if receiving a professional installation. Scaran Heating employ the most qualified technicians and provide them with ongoing training in the latest systems so you can be assured of a professional installation every time.

The Right System For Your Home

People often purchase heating systems that are incorrectly sized for their home and heating requirements.  This means the system has to work incredibly hard to have any chance of reaching the desired temperature.  When you choose Scaran Heating, we will help you to select the right heating system that is correctly rated and sized for your home and providing a professional installation so it can reach it's potential energy efficiency and heating output and help you to save money on lower energy costs.

System Tune-Ups

Regular tune-ups could help you improve your heating system's efficiency by as much as 25% (compared to non-maintained systems) and help make savings on your utility bills.  Our tune-ups can also help extend the operating life of your heating system.

Digital Thermostats

The EPA recommends a digital thermostat as being an effective and inexpensive way of improving your heating system's efficiency. Scaran Heating have a number of programmable digital thermostat solutions that remove the need to leave heating and cooling systems running unnecessarily. This saves energy and offers savings from utility bills.

All-Of-Home Zoning

Scaran Heating offers All-Of-Home Zoning, which provides increased comfort and greater energy efficiency for your home. All-of-home zoning allows you to choose where and when you want heating to be on in your home, giving you greater control and potential energy savings.

For further information about how you can make energy-efficiency gains and reduce utility bills in your Staten Island home, call and speak with the home-comfort experts at Scaran Heating today.

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