Improve Comfort and Lower Bills with HVAC Home Zoning


ExpertsTo take greater control of home comfort and improve your energy efficiency in Staten Island, consider the benefits of an all-of-home zoning solution from the heating experts at Scaran Heating.  Versatile home-zoning solutions can be added as a simple upgrade to your existing HVAC systems or become part of your new heating installation. Our fast and reliable heating services have delighted thousands of homes and businesses in Long Island for over 80 years.

Discover the advantages of Scaran Heating's whole house zoning solutions:

Improved Comfort

ExpertsHome-zoning consists of independently controlled thermostats feeding in to a central control unit. This allows each family member to set the perfect temperature for their immediate environment providing greater individual control and comfort throughout the home.

Remove Cold-Spots

With Scaran Heating's home-zoning solutions cold spots can be eliminated as heat can be provided to any area at the desired temperature to accommodate for large windows, air flow, drafts and shaded areas.

Professional Installations

To enjoy the benefits that home-zoning provides you should always ensure a professional installation. Scaran Heating can asses your home and your family's heating requirements to establish the perfect number of zones and their ideal locations for your specific heating needs.

Home Zoning Upgrades

Scaran Heating can perform an upgrade to your current HVAC system and duct work so your family can start enjoying the benefits of home-zoning today.

Save Money

A professionally installed home-zoning solution from Scaran Heating could save up to 25% from your utility bills by only heating the occupied areas of your home.

Heating Experts

Scaran Heating have been established since 1930 so there's not much we don't know about heating systems and how to provide the very best heating services. We're a fully-licensed and insured company and we pull out all the stops to ensure you have a professional service from us each and every time.

Written Warranties

All of Scaran Heating's workmanship is fully-covered by a written warranty for your assurance. Having been in business for over 80 years you can be sure we'll still be around to honor it.

For more information on how you can start enjoying a home-zoning solution for your home in Staten Island, or to arrange a free estimate, call Scaran Heating and speak with the home-zoning experts today.

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